BBQ Accessory Reviews

Weber Connect

The old BBQ saying of ‘If you are looking, you ain’t cooking’ has been around for many years, and all those lid lifters out there have been cautious ever since.

ProQ Digital Probe Thermometer

If you are in the market for an instant read thermometer then there is a new option to consider from the team at ProQ.

Knife Sharp

An excellent knife sharpening service by knife sharp

Audew Vacuum Sealer

A look at the Audew Vacuum Sealer a great way to preserve any bbq leftovers


Ever lit a fire and in your usual way using wax coils or firelighters just to come back and find it’s snuffed out?

Meater Top Tips

There are now 3 Meater products, the original Meater, Meater + and the Meater block.

La Hacienda Swing Grill

A swing grill is a very useful bit of kit to cook with, you can cook over a range of heat sources, a firepit as above, a campfire, or a grill, having a good height makes all the difference and gives you plenty of options for cooking at a range of heights.

Meater Block Review

The Meater Block is a 4 probe wirefree thermometer, it works as a great bbq thermometer, either hooking up to wifi so you can monitor your cook, or in stand alone mode.

EasyKabob Review

Kabob? Or is it kebab, kebap or even kofte/kofta? Either way I had seen the EasyKabob being used by a whole bunch of the US BBQ folks but just couldn’t see it available in the UK market.