BBQ Accessory Reviews

Fireboard Extreme BBQ Edition

A first look at the Fireboard Extreme BBQ Edition BBQ Thermometer with Wifi and Bluetooth.

How to light a BBQ

A look at some of the kit available to help you light your BBQ, wood fired oven or camp fire.

Green Olive Firewood Co.

The Green Olive Firewood Co. do some quality products, lumpwood, briquettes and woods.

ThermaQ Digital Thermometer

Unboxing the ThermaQ Digital Thermometer from ETI

Build your own digital forced draft smoker controller

Here's a technical guide to building your own forced air smoker controller.

Massive BBQ Skewers

Get skewered this summer with these huge BBQ skewers. A massive 70 cm long!

Flamers Firelighters

If you're looking for a simple clean way to light your BBQ, check out no odour Flamers.


Flip'N'Grate makes grilling easy, simply flip, and raise and lower with one hand,perfect for a campfire or beach BBQ.

Hot Smoked Wood Chunks

Chunks of wood for your smoker, a great way to gauge how much smoke you need, you get a lovely gentle smoke by adding these to your coals.