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I felt it was high time, there was a resource for helping the increasing numbers of people in the UK who are looking to start BBQ using U.S. style low and slow techniques, Smokers, and BBQ equipment.

This site has come about after having written the CountryWoodSmoke site on Cooking Outdoors for the last 9 years.

I’ve recently teamed up with Artust @ArtustBBQ to bring you even more reviews, Artust is well respected in the UK BBQ community and an experienced reviewer. Looking forward to seeing his reviews.

The views expressed here are our opinions based on our experience and cooking expertise, hopefully they will be of value to you.

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Why should you consider supporting the website? I have spent many hours in building our website and producing the original content that appears here and in CountryWoodSmoke. I have also spent literally thousands of pounds over the years for web hosting, cameras, lenses, and other photography equipment to produce the content you find here. I hope that if you find the website useful, you will help to support it by shopping using the links provided.

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NB. some of the equipment we have been sent for free to test and review, but this will not affect our review, we intend to be even handed in our reviews so you can judge for yourself if the gear will work for you.

Once again, thank you so much for visiting our website and thanks for your support!

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Marcus and Artust