Sauce & Rub Reviews

Succulento Sauces

I'm a bit of a sauce addict, I'm lucky that I get sent a fair few to try, many are very similar riffs off the same style, so it's nice when I open a bottle and something a bit different jumps out.

Meat Church Rubs

If you have ever ventured into the world of buying a rub that has been imported from America, then you may well be familiar with the Meat Church brand.

Smokin Yankees BBQ Sauce

A nice Apple & Whiskey BBQ Sauce from the Smokin' Yankees Belfast based BBQ team.

Hardcore Carnivore Black

Jess Pryles' new rub Hardcore Carnivore Black is now available in the UK, here's my initial thoughts.

Quiet Waters Farm Sauces and Rubs

A few of the new BBQ sauce and rubs from Quiet Waters Farm.

Victory Lane BBQ Sauces and Rubs

Victory Lane rubs and sauces reviewed from the U.S. are a great range of products forged from the heat of U.S. competition BBQ.

BBQue sauce and rubs

These BBQue sauces and rubs from Bavaria are pretty special. Give them a try for something a bit different.

Dude Coffee and Smoke

The Aqua Gift box from Dude Coffee and Smoke, contains some lovely goodies, with real thought been given to the flavours on the contents, an great gift for a BBQ lover.

Glorious! BBQ Sauce

A review of the new range of Glorious! BBQ sauces from the chiller at many supermarkets now.