Quiet Waters Farm Sauces and Rubs

Quiet Waters Farm Rubs and Sauces

This is less of a review, more of a heads up, you need these in your life shout out…

To be upfront, John Gower the man behind Quiet Waters Farm is a very good friend, we have cooked together, and spent many great times talking, drinking, cooking and eating. He also sells a couple of rubs we worked on together. So maybe I am a bit biased, but his rubs and sauces are something a bit special. John has delved into the world of flavours that work with food cooked with fire and smoke to come up with a real epic adventure of flavour. I’ve been lucky to try pretty much all of John’s products and love them all in their diversity.

Two new products that I have been fortunate to try as they have just come out are ‘Meat Splosh’ a rich fruity garlicky bad boy, that’s pretty perfect on a range of meats, I sploshed this thick sauce onto a rack of spares, and was bowled over with the heat and spice of this big hitter.

The new rubs I tired were Kellys Kansas Steak Rub, you can read more about how this rub came about from Kelly’s fab Dreaming of The Good Life blog it’s a great story about community and interactions, crossing over styles, flavours and textures of food to create something new and wonderful. I love it… I cooked it up on Picanha steaks and the complex spices, garlic and citrus really were quite stunning.

Quiet waters farm Kellys Kanasas Steak Rub

The other rub I recently tried was the Zui Hao Chinese style rub, I cooked up a Cherry Smoked Duck using the Zui Hao, kind of like a five spice but with some real depth of flavour, it worked so well with the duck, and helped the skin go nice and crispy.Zui hao duck So if you want a flavour journey on your food and are looking to experience some amazing new flavours, then I suggest you visit Quiet Waters Farm website to see what’s going on..


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