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For those with a good memory, you may remember back to a time where DJBBQ only had one book out and had a rub back then called ‘Mix of Rad’.

Fast forward to 2020 and he has 3 books now and brand new line up of 6 rubs. These rubs have been in existence for a little while but us UK fans have had to wait to get our hands on them, so are they worth the wait?

These rubs are a collab with the mighty seasoning force in the US called Spiceology, the guys who use the bottles that look like they are labelled with the elements from the periodic table?  They have some collabs out there with some of the Instagram heavyweight accounts and now it’s the turn of UK BBQ’s national treasure (yes we are claiming him as our own, Mr Christian Stevenson AKA DJBBQ.

Now this is just an initial review as the rubs landed this with us only a few days ago and so it will be a brief rundown so you can make up your own minds. We were kindly sent the complete 6 pack gift set called ‘The BBQ Bundle’ which retails on the website for £44.99 Each of the shakers can be purchased separately for £8.99

Descriptions below taken from the DJBBQ website.
Bangin Bhangra (Ba) – Indian seasoning Net weight 93g – DJ BBQ’s Bangin’ Bhangra Blend of Indian Spice. Bangin’ a drum and dancing the Bhangra this Indian seasoning will take you to a blend of Indian seasonings, spices, and flavors that you will have never tasted! Sweet tamarind granules combine with the tanginess of ketchup, mustard, and vinegar powders, finished off with a touch of floral heat from Garam Masala. While inspired by traditional Indian flavors.
This blend works well on lamb, duck, chicken, fish, game, root vegetables (carrots are delicious), yogurts, lentils, and even mango. 

Rump Shaker (Rs) – Pink peppercorn and Himalayan salt mix Net weight 173g – The Beastie boys called to say Shake my Rump, I said, ‘yo’ better season the Patty Duke with my rump shaker!” This is straight out that box like an OX, the go-to for any exotic dancer with pink peppercorn and Himalayan salt, this blend doesn’t miss a delicious disco beat. Use the Rump shaker as an everyday all-purpose mix on anything even to flavor sauces and dressings. The most versatile rub that we have in our collection, a daily go-to house product, the possibilities are endless.

Bohemian Rubsody (Br) – All purpose seasoning Net weight 93g – Brian May just said put me, him, Freddie, John, and Rodger in a jar and seal it with a face melter!This is what happened, an all-purpose barbecue rub, smoky, sweet, that you’re going to want to add to any kind of meat, fish, veg, and poultry.
This combination of Mesquite, honey granules and brown sugar makes a glaze so good you might cry. We’d like to say “we didn’t mean to”… but, we did.
All-purpose rub on fish, poultry, pork, lamb, game or beef and a veggie or two. Great for adding as a seasoning to a burger mix

El Mariachi (Em) – Mexican seasoning Net weight 103g – Gandoff’s mum originated from Mexico, she passed this accent Aztec recipe on so listen up!This is the best Mexican spice rub on planet earth bringing you the most powerful earthy flavours of Mexico to your hands! A perfect combination of cumin, oregano New Mexico chili powder, chili flake, and cayenne. The heat is gentle and the perfect flavour note for anything “meaty.” Add this blend to pretty much any protein (it’s just as delicious on chicken and pork as it is on shrimp and fish) and a host of veggies including broccoli, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and jackfruit for the vegetarians out there!

Rub Woofer (Rw) – Smoky chipotle seasoning – Net weight 119g – When coming from the depths of the spicy Bass God’s like a banging 1.2 Vauxhall Nova this sound system will set off a dance party in your mouth! Like fire from the barbecue coals, this barbecue rub has a kick, and if you like a bit of heat this rub’s right up your Strasse! Smoky Chipotle, tasty garlic and onion, and black pepper balance to make the perfect shake to top a burger patty or two or your
favorite beef, chicken, lamb, fish, or pork dish. It even pairs well with chocolate.

Power Ballad (Po) Net weight 122g – The sweat of twisted Sister, the tears of Bonnie Tyler, and the smell of Jimmy Pages crushed velvet Les Paul guitar case will give you the kick you need! Hatch chili provides a gentle kick in this deliciously-balanced burger shake. And, with a bit of black pepper, the perfect amount of garlic and a dash of onion and you’ve got earthy goodness that’s the opening act to spicy seasonings. Try it on a variety of delicious ingredients, including avocado, fish, beef, poultry, legumes, and even corn

Needless to say in the coming weeks we will be hoping to cook up a number of dishes uses these seasonings and will report back. Until then the web link is below if you want to have a look or drop hints for your gift lists anytime soon.

DJ BBQ – Instagram –

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DJ BBQ – Twitter –


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