White Men Can’t Jerk

Missing some jerk in your life? It’s definitely something I had been missing out and about of the street food scene this year with Covid restrictions, so when I heard the legends of the game ‘White men can’t jerk’ were doing at home kits I was very happy.

I have eaten these guys food so many times at Street Feast and the likes and so I knew their kit was going to be good. For clarity I was sent this kit free of charge to try, but I am fully entitled to my own opinions. 

The kit was sent via a company called Greatfood2u. First thing to note was how well it was all packaged up, nice sturdy box, well insulated and padded so everything arrived secure and intact. We got the meal box for 4ppl and shared it with our neighbours, perfect as we could get some good feedback from them too. The instructions are super clear, and all the ingredients are numbered which links up to the cooking steps.

Now obviously you can cook these kits up in the oven but there was no way I was doing that, so I got the Kamado Joe lit and set about getting the kit cooked up. You get 4 chicken legs in the jerk marinade so a bit of indirect heat to cook through, then straight over the flames for that authentic jerk char. You also get rice and peas, coleslaw mix, mustard mayo, jerk sauce, pineapple and scotch bonnet jam and some hot sauce.

You also get all the bits and pieces you need to bring it all together right down to a bag of salt. Took about 45mins to cook the chicken and the Mrs did all the rest whilst I was tending the fires. 

Have to say from a flavour point of view this was all spot on, jerk chicken was just as good as I had expected, even the subtle coconut flavour in the rice was so good. And the hot sauce comes with a warning if you really want to kick it up a notch.

Both us and the neighbours really enjoyed it, so much so that they ordered the kit to eat again themselves a few weeks later. If you are looking for something different to eat then why not treat yourself to one of these kits, or maybe a good idea as a gift? 





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