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Over the years I have tried to sharpen my kitchen knives using a variety of methods, with varying degrees of success.  

I know some obsess over the process of using a whetstone to achieve that perfectly razor sharp edge.  So, when I saw a new service from KnifeSharp, available nationwide, I jumped on it. 

 Their website explains all the details and how it all works; but briefly, you sign up online and pick a service, from 3 knives priced at £29.95 through to £79.95 for 10 knives.  There is also the option to set up a subscription service to have the knives re-done every 1, 3, or 6 months and make a further saving.  And that’s it!  Once you have chosen your service, the Knife Sharp guys send out a box, complete with knife sleeves and stickers to package up your knives, and you send them off to KnifeSharp.

I chose the 5 knife service and received my box in the post, instant win was the pack of sweets in the box to enjoy as you pack up your knives.  For each knife there is a sleeve with circular cut outs so the blade is visible, there is then a pack of stickers you place over the holes which secure the blade in place inside the sleeve.  You then seal the box back up, pop it into the postal bag and send it off.  Then you wait.  

In my case, not too long, as the knives were back to me in 5 working days.  Now here is what I think is a clever part and nice touch – this box for the knives comes from Knife sharp to you, then from you back to knife sharp and then finally from knife sharp back to you again.  That’s a lot of postage and packaging.  So here is the clever bit, the same cleverly designed box is used all 3 times meaning less packaging waste.  And also when you realise the cost of this service includes all three postal journeys it really is good value for money.  The standard service uses Hermes included in the price but you can upgrade to UPS for a small additional fee. 

As well as my kitchen knives being blunt, one of them had a chip in the blade that needed to be taken care of, and the best part is that there is no extra charges for a repair like this in the cost.  Knife Sharp know that each knife is different and needs a different level of attention, which is why each knife is always sharpened by hand, the will choose the right angle for your blade to be sharpened at, and they can repair a number of issues from a broken tip to a bent blade and again this is all included in the price. 

All of my knives came back much sharper than I remember making them myself, all repaired and ready to go.  The service does exactly what you would expect and they do it well.  So, if you are looking to get your home knives, BBQ knives or business knives back to their best then and don’t have the skill or time to do it yourselves, then it’s a service to consider. 

Discount code – Whilst I paid for my service, the Knifesharp team have very kindly offered a discount code to any readers of this review. Please use code ARTUSTBBQ at checkout for a discount off their services.


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