HamrForge Old Ironsides

This week I have a look at the Hamrforge Old Ironsides reverse flow smoker that is pretty compact and will sit on a tabletop.

It works in a similar way to an offset smoker but has a drawer underneath the smoking chamber, you can also grill with it using the charcoal basket provided. It’s a very sturdy, solid smoker, and is built with 3mmm steel and is very heavy.

It’s been well designed, perhaps over engineered in places, the grill shelves are very heavy. This all results in a high heat mass grill that takes a while to warm up but stays steady as a rock once it’s warmed up and chugging away, I load mine up with charcoal to get started then add chunks or small splits of wood to keep the smoke rolling.

Check out my first look at the Hamrforge Old Ironsides video below


The Hamrforge range is available in the UK from BAKOA https://www.bakoa.co.uk/ and SoCal BBQ shop https://www.socal.co.uk/

Please note I was sent the Grill to test and review and was free to share my thoughts


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