PK TX Grill Review

This is my PK TX Grill Review, I’ve been cooking on it for a while now and I wanted to share my thoughts on this cracking little grill from Portable Kitchen. These PK Grills are imported into the UK by Pro Smoke BBQ and are now readily available.

This is the smaller brother to the PK 360 grill that I’ve previously had a look at. It’s a cast aluminium grill, very robust, and will obviously last a long time.

It cooks up a storm and is very efficient on a small amount of charc

oal, and you can sear at red hot temperatures.

Temperature control is easy with 2 sliders on the top and base, so you can set up 2 zone cooking and control the heat flow across the grill. I did find the sliders on the base a little awkward to reach however, and they do get hot pretty quickly, so ensure you make any temperature adjustments when wearing heatproof gloves. I also found the ash drops through the vents along with some small embers, this is something to watch if you have anything flammable underneath, wooden decking etc.

The stand is very sturdy, and it’s a great feature that you can fold it up and use the stand as a trolley to carry the grill easily, and I like the PK Go stand to let you use this on a tabletop, but be wary of any embers falling through onto the table.

All in all I’ve been hugely impressed with these grills. My full review is in the video below.



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