BBQ Accessory Reviews

ProQ Pizza Stone

A great bit of kit, the ProQ Pizza stone fits a Frontier and turns your smoker into a Pizza Oven.

Bear Paws for pulled pork

The Bear Paws are an awesome bit of kit, a must have for shredding large shoulders of pulled pork.

Grill Grates Review

GrillGrates are a replacement for cooking on a BBQ grill.

Digital BBQ Thermometer review

A selection of some of the best digital thermometers available in the UK.

Weber BBQ Chimney Starter

Lit BBQ in 10 minutesThe majority of regular BBQers who use charcoal for their BBQ prefer not to use chemicals near their food, such...

XXL 20″ Steak Tongs

Long Reach TongsOften when cooking BBQ and Grilling, especially with the Dirty Steak method of cooking directly on the coals, you need a BBQ...

ETI Thermapen Review

Instant Read ThermometerThe Thermapen by ETI is a BBQ must have, but it has so many uses, I've been relying on them the last...

Looftlighter Review

 Super Quick BBQ lightingThe Looftlighter BBQ and fire lighter looks like something that belongs in the hands of a Jedi Warrior, but is destined...

BBQ Accessories

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