Looftlighter Review



Super Quick BBQ lighting

The Looftlighter BBQ and fire lighter looks like something that belongs in the hands of a Jedi Warrior, but is destined to make lighting a BBQ a matter of minutes. For many of us who BBQ year round, this is a real bonus, the standard for most of us cooking with charcoal is to use a chimney starter which takes 10-15 minutes to get going, but the Looftlighter changes things.

First off, the obvious requirement is for electricity, but once plugged in, you have a serious weapon in your hands. It takes literally just over a minute to get the coals going, as you can see in the video below.

The Looftlighter is available here
 there are a number of versions available, all the German models seem pretty similar.

They last well, and can take some serious abuse, a friend swears by them for his charcoal grill restaurant where they are used daily.

From £27 upwards.


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