ETI Thermapen Review

Eti Thermapen Review
ETI Thermapen Review

Instant Read Thermometer

The Thermapen by ETI is a BBQ must have, but it has so many uses, I’ve been relying on them the last few years, not only for BBQ cooking, but pretty much any time I cook a piece of meat where I want to ensure that the meat hits a specific temperature, ie for a steak I want to know that it’s hit 50 deg C for Medium Rare. You just poke the needle like probe into the centre of the meat, and within 3 secs you have your temperature, this is a lot quicker than similar bits of kit from other manufacturers.

The probe folds away into the body of the unit, and this turns the unit off. I pretty much rely on mine, and find they are always accurate and bomb  proof, the only downside is that I keep misplacing them when I’ve had a beer or two. Maybe they should come with a tracking device built in.

Also useful for quick checks of the smoker temperature, and cooking sweets, checking the sugar temperature and food temperature in the fridge.

Thermapen available here

Available for around £45 new and £36 Refurbished on EBay.

Eti Thermapen Review
Eti Thermapen Review


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