ProQ Cold Smoke Generator Review

ProQ Cold Smoke Generator

Game Changer

Cold Smoking has always been seen as a bit tricky, you need smoke, but no heat, usually cold smoking setups involved a small fire and a long pipe to cool the smoke down, but no longer, the ProQ cold smoke generator makes cold smoking such an easy task. It gives off no heat, is easy to light, using either a tealight or a chefs flame torch to get it going, the wood dust burns evenly for around 10 hours, giving a gentle constant smoke for your food.

If you team one of these up with a cardboard box with a hole in the top, you can smoke some wonderful food for around £35.

I’ve been using mine the last few years and it’s reliable, keep it clean with an old toothbrush to remove any bits of charcoal left, and it will reward you well, cold smoked salmon and trout, butters, cheeses all can be smoked.

A must have if you want to learn the art of cold smoking.

ProQ cold smoke generator available here



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