XXL 20″ Steak Tongs

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BBQ Tongs

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Often when cooking BBQ and Grilling, especially with the Dirty Steak method of cooking directly on the coals, you need a BBQ Tong with a long reach and sturdy, so you can reach into the coals of a deep BBQ such as a ceramic Kamado. Then you need a set of extra long tongs. I’ve relied on these Steak Tongs for the last couple of years, I was put onto them by legend of the smoke Dr Sweetsmoke.

They are around 20″ long, the grips on the end are flat one side, with a toothed grip on the other, so you can slide under the food with the flat side and then grip with the teeth.

There’s a retainer that stops them opening up too wide, this can be a hinderance for a really large piece of meat, but it opens out to a wide 4-5″. It will also easily pick up a large steak. Built of stainless steel, they are pretty bombproof, and comfortable to wield for long grilling sessions.

Price: £13 + £2.99 shipping


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