Bradley Original Smoker

Bradley Original Smoker
Bradley Original Smoker

Reliable, consistent, Hot Smoking

The Bradley Original Smoker is a Hot smoker, that uses compressed wood briquettes and an electric heating element inside a fridge like main unit, the insulation maintains a good steady temperature, and is easily controllable from the smoker unit. The smoking wood briquettes drop down a chute and onto a little conveyor belt system, pushing them onto a element that get them smoking for around 20 minutes.

It is a great piece of kit for reliable consistent results, you just set the temperature, load up with briquettes and leave to smoke away. The results are pretty awesome, but not comparable with using a charcoal heat source in my opinion.

See my original review here I use the smoker regularly for the last couple of years, and it’s become a useful part of my smoking armoury. Ideal if you want to set and leave, though the briquettes are on the expensive side.


Price: Around the £350 mark



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