Grill Grates Review


GrillGrates Review

I’m very fortunate to get sent BBQ equipment to test and review, and there’s lots of stuff that I grow to love, and use regularly, other accessories tend to get less use, and I’ve found GrillGrates fall firmly in that category. The idea is that you place them on top of your charcoal or gas BBQ grill and then place the food on the ribs on top.

Grilling Great?


The idea is that these aluminium alloy grates amplify the heat, and direct it through the vanes, and protects the food from flare ups. In reality even after regular and heavy seasoning and following the instructions, I failed to see any real benefits, and noticed although the food did stay juicy, the sticking tendency drove me mad. I also missed some of the dirty soul you get from cooking steaks etc near the coals, the steaks and burgers were simply too far removed from the coals.


The neat sear lines although looking great don’t necessarily make a well seared steak, I’d much rather cook steaks straight on the coals for a good sear. Things like salmon although admittedly keeping moist, just tended to fall apart on the grill grates.

Not a piece of BBQ equipment I would particularly recommend, but I could see they might work better on a gas grill. Comes with a Grillgrate tool, that slots between the grates so you can flip food.

Available from £40

NB. I was sent the GrillGrates to try and was free to write this review.


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  1. This is a very balanced and honest review, these Grill Grates are being quite heavily promoted on Youtube by channel creators who frequently lavish praise on items provided for free, and not one single person (except this reviewer) noted that the grates, which due to the small holes and loft of the grates, will prevent the food from coming into contact with fire, sort of the point of barbequing really. The manufacturer’s website does indicate that they convert the barbeque to “infrared heat”, well, that’s like sticking your food under a hot grill. I suppose they may reduce flare- ups, but so does also zoning your charcoal and keeping a close eye on your barbeque when grilling. It should be also noted that the cost of these grates are near enough equivalent to the cost of the original barbeque itself.

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