Meater Block Review

The Meater Block is a 4 probe wirefree thermometer, it works as a great bbq thermometer, either hooking up to wifi so you can monitor your cook, or in stand alone mode.

I’ve been using the Meater Block for a few months now, and am finding it to be a brilliant bit of kit, I don’t often use the full 4 probes, mostly using 2 or 3 depending on what I’ve been cooking, but it’s good to know that I have the option to check 4 bits of meat independently such as I did here..

I had a good look into all the capabilities of the Meater Block wireless thermometer, and found it had a good range when using the wifi, as long as you can get wifi on your phone you can get the wonderful Meater app which will give you all your temperatures.

When I’m on the road I usually just use the standalone mode, which is awesome, you get a little bar for each probe, which gradually fills up as the meat gets hotter, it then beeps and tells you when there’s 5 minutes of the cook left, when to remove from the heat, and when the temperature of the meat is at your required doneness.

I find the Meater app very easy to use, intuitive, the set temperatures are pretty good, but with flexibility to set your own custom temperatures.

Because the probes are wireless you haven’t got wires trailing everywhere, which I find often get damaged quite quickly, and you can cook on multiple bits of kit too. Quite often I’ll have a rotisserie set up, a grill and a smoker going all at the same time. The Meater Block is perfect for this.


In this video below I have a good look at the Meater Block.


** you can buy one here UK- US-**

Please note, I was sent the Meater Block to review, but was free to share my own opinion.


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