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Kabob? Or is it kebab, kebap or even kofte/kofta? Either way I had seen the EasyKabob being used by a whole bunch of the US BBQ folks but just couldn’t see it available in the UK market.

Initially I thought the same as you may be thinking ‘I can make them by hand’, but then I saw some videos, showing how easy it is, as well as the results.
Now, I’ve made kebabs (that’s the name I’m going to stick with for this review) many times for the BBQ at home and they are simple enough.  However, have you also had the panic face appear as you watch them fall though the bars of your grates onto the coals where they haven’t held together well enough? Not much fun is it?  Perhaps you’ve even been to a friend’s BBQ and they pull out the sad looking supermarket kebabs that are so dense you could break your teeth on them?


Easy Kabob

Easy Kebabs

Well step forward the Easykabob machine to give you a helping hand. It really is as simple as mix up your ground meat of choice, combined with your seasoning and herbs; spray the inner part of the Easykabob with some cooking oil to stop anything sticking, load in the meat and you are ready to go. At this point, you just place the tube you have loaded with meat onto the base, which acts as a plunger. There is a small hole on the top nozzle that you can feed a round bamboo kebab skewer through and this is the clever part. As you push the tube down onto the base, with the skewer in place, it auto feeds the kebab into onto the skewer perfectly. As with anything, it takes a little practice and working out to get it right but here are some tips from me.

Easy Kabob

  • Work your mince of choice thoroughly before loading into the Easykabob so that it holds together a little better when grilled.
  • If using bamboo skewers, try to get a full kebab along the whole length of the skewer. The less showing either end, the less there is to burn.
  • Soaking the bamboo skewers in water for at least an hour before using them will help to stop them burning.
  • After forming your kebabs, stick them in the fridge for at least an hour before grilling as again it helps them keep their shape.  Perhaps even in the freezer for 30 minutes, just don’t forget them!
  • Despite the kebabs coming out of the Easykabob looking perfect, I still find a little pinch (as shown in some of the pictures) will help them stick to the skewer, plus they look more traditional.
  • Enjoy trying lot of different types of kebabs, so many options!

Easy Kabob

Lamb, beef, chicken, pork, turkey. Has anyone ever made a rabbit kebab like this I wonder?So, that’s about it, but the guys at Easykabob have thought of everything and even include a handy cleaning sponge in the box too. It’s as easy as breaking it down into the 3 main parts (base, tube and nozzle), removing any residual meat and giving it a good clean. My final tip is do not throw away that excess meat you remove when cleaning, I roll it up into mini meatballs to use as pizza toppings. And they have also included a mini recipe book too.You can find more details on https://www.easykabob.com/And the units are available to purchase in the UK via https://www.coolstuff.com/Easy-Kabob

Easy Kabob

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Thanks again to Easykabob for sending me out this unit to use and review. I was free to give my own opinions on the unit.


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Easy Kabob Easy Kabob Easy Kabob


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