JohnJoe Extender for Ooni 3

Sometimes a piece of kit comes along in the BBQ world and makes a huge amount of difference and makes your cooking a lot easier.

Although I’m a huge fan of the Ooni 3 Wood Fired Oven, the one thing that lets it down most in my opinion is the small hopper, especially when compared to the Uuni 2S. So a clever chap called JohnJoe Smith decided to come up with a solution, and he did a great job. The simplest solutions are nearly always the best.

A simple thick stainless tube that sits over the firebox on the Ooni allows plenty more pellets to be loaded up, allowing you to continue cooking pizzas without worrying about topping up the pellets continuously. This ups the length of time between top ups from 8 to 10 mins to over 45 mins, nothing flashy, just a good solid well thought up bit of kit. It does exactly what is asked of it.

It totally takes the stress out of remembering to top up the pellets, and should allow you to cook around 20 pizzas on a full load.

Make sure to check out JohnJoe’s YouTube Channel¬†

A bargain at £29.99








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