Lighting BBQ’s and fires always used to be about pieces of scrunched up newspaper and lighter fluid or even those little white cubes you got from the petrol station.

But, things have changed in recent years with new ways of getting the BBQ going including electric gadgets to fan hot air onto the coals. But just as all these things became popular people also started looking for cleaner and more eco friendly ways to light the fires.
So along comes Ecoflares. Essentially small strips of wood wool wound together into a sort of coil shape and then covered in wax to help with both ignition and to make them semi waterproof. Similar products have popped up in a few stores now under different brand names but with little detail on origin etc but, Ecoflares could be considered to be a kind of premium version. I’ve opened other brands bags before and found some coils that have unraveled and some that look like they have been put on a diet and are too small. And a lot that have completely fallen apart and sit in the bottom of the bag as unusable strips of wood.
With Ecoflares you get nice big fat bundles mostly of a similar size and you can see immediately that you are going to get a better burn time from them which is what it’s all about. The longer and bigger the initial flame the quicker the fuel around them will ignite and the fire will spread. I have used these for a number of cooks now and have been impressed with the way they burn and how long for. They even burnt for long enough to get some briquettes going in a chimney starter which I was really pleased with. Ecoflares are a UK based company and they use locally sourced FSC certified wood from renewable and sustainable sources and their product is 100% biodegradable. 
The guys at Ecoflares have been very kind in offering a discount code for anyone who wants to give them a try and, at time of writing, there is already a reduction on the boxes of 200 on their site whilst they wait for stock of the small pack; but the code ECOFLARES110 will bag you an additional 10% off the already reduced price. Not bad. Head over to their website for more information and to take advantage of the discounts
All codes live at time of writing. The Ecoflares product was supplied free of charge to be used and reviewed but I am free to voice my own and honest opinions on them.
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