La Hacienda Swing Grill


A swing grill is a very useful bit of kit to cook with, you can cook over a range of heat sources, a firepit as above, a campfire, or a grill, having a good height makes all the difference and gives you plenty of options for cooking at a range of heights.

La Hacienda have put together this large swing grill, with a diameter of 65cm so there is plenty of room for a decent spread of food. It’s heavy duty and well constructed, and easy to assemble. The height is easy to adjust on the chain as well. I set mine up over a small firepit and it worked really well.

Large capacity

As you can see from the pic, you can get a lot of food on the grill. It also gives you options to move food around to different heat zones that you can set up.

It’s a bargain price for such a well put together swing grill and is well regarded by many bbq’ers. Be careful leaving it out in the elements, you will find it can be affected by rust, especially the chains and grill, but keep it well oiled and looked after and it will last plenty of years.

Current price on Amazon is £44.95, click here to check it out.


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