Pappy’s Texas BBQ

Ever craved real Texas style BBQ but just not had time to cook it yourself?

Is smoked brisket your nemesis and the one cook you shy away from?

Do you have lots of friends who like to eat your BBQ but don’t cook themselves?

Definitely something satisfying about buying a whole brisket and going through the process of trimming, seasoning and smoking for 12+ hours, but I also understand not everyone has the time for that.  

Well Pappy’s Texas BBQ may just have the answer for both you and your friends. For anyone that knows me from my social media channels you may know I’ve travelled to Texas a few times on BBQ tours, and when I cook brisket and beef ribs at home now it’s my preferred style. Basic salt and pepper rub heavily seasoned, nice hit of smoke and good quality meat. Well Pappy’s seem to share the same train of thought and they now offer their pre-cooked BBQ meats for you to be able to simply reheat and enjoy at home.

Whether it be brisket, pork ribs, chicken, pulled pork, beef ribs or even smoked sausage. It all comes safely delivered in a chilled box each meat in it’s own vac seal bag ready to be simmered in a pan of water back to it’s smokey best ready to be enjoyed. It really is that simple.

And now on top of all their pre-cooked meats you can also enjoy their Texas hot links uncooked ready for you to BBQ or smoke at home. These types of sausages are sought after here in the UK by the BBQ world and often copied but not very often done right.

I was kindly sent a new batch of the raw hot links to smoke at home. So I fired up the Masterbuilt smoker and let them run for about 90 mins to get some good oak smoke on them, quick temperature check and they were done. Sliced them up and on a tray with some pickles and crackers and ready to go.

So if you fancy a crack at some traditional Texas style BBQ to your door that’s super easy to reheat then have a look on the Pappy’s website below. One worth mentioning to friends if they fancy some BBQ food to try at home too.

Pappy’s also have their own range of merchandise with T-shirts and caps etc. You can also buy their own traditional family recipe BBQ sauce. And their gift cards make a great idea for treating someone. We recently sent a £50 card to a friend who was stuck at home and missing brisket, couldn’t have thought of a more perfect and unique gift for her.

Discount Code. The guys at Pappy’s have kindly given us a code for a free bottle of their BBQ sauce for the first 10 customers. Just add some sauce into your basket then using code ‘UKBBQ’ at the checkout it will make the sauce FREE.

They also currently have free shipping on all orders over £65.


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