Meater + Bluetooth Thermometer Review

I’ve been trialling both the Meater and Meater + bluetooth thermometers over the last year, and have been very impressed on the whole.

They are a wirefree probe type thermometer that you leave in the meat as you cook it. It then sends the temperature of both the meat and the BBQ/Cooker temperature. Giving an all in one solution to monitoring your BBQ temperatures.

The range of the Meater + is much more than the Meater, and I give an explanation of this in this video

What’s the Meater + like to cook with?

Well I’ve had some great cooks using the Meater + it really is a cracking bit of kit, the information it gives helps you learn more about the cooking process. Understanding things like “The dreaded stall” in a visual manner can make all the difference. The accuracy is spot on with good probe placement which is important, and the bluetooth range is pretty decent. The Meater app is very impressive making the whole process of setting up a doddle, and giving a great range of pre set cooks, with spot on temperatures.

Here’s a recent video of me cooking a stunning bone in sirloin steak showing some tips on how to get the best out of the Meater +

Meater +

Meater +

Please note I am paid by Meater/Apption Labs to provide recipes and content. I also received the product to review, but was free to offer my views on the Meater and Meater +


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  1. Had the opportunity to give the Meater a try for 14 days. I appreciated the opportunity to give this wireless thermometer a try and see if it was time for me pull the trigger and purchase one.

    I tested the Meater on a Tri-Tip Roast, Ribeye Steak, and Whole Chicken.

    What I loved:

    The app was easy and can help any level of cook with temperatures. It takes the guesswork out of the mix. The steak and chicken were perfect.

    What I did not like:

    I lost connection several times and I was within 10 ft of the grill. I also did not like that during a high temp sear, the thermometer was not able to be used.

    Bottom line: I found the Meater was great for low and slow. Not the beat choice for high heat.

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