BBQ Charcoal

BBQ Charcoal

Which is the best BBQ charcoal to use?

This is a question a lot of people are asking, what BBQ charcoal should they be using for smoking or grilling.

Too many people don’t fully think about charcoal, and just go for the cheapest and most available, often from a garage or DIY store. But there are plenty more higher quality charcoals available to make you BBQ experience much better.

Whether you choose to use lumpwood or briquette BBQ charcoal, this will have a big impact on your cooking. Even within these two main categories there are a lot of types of charcoal. I see it as an ingredient in itself.


Check out my YouTube video on the subject here.



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  1. I nearly always use a combination of Lumpwood and Briquettes. Find that way I get a good balance. It tends to be Big K that I use but mainly due to availability, definitely interested in expanding my horizons when it comes to selection of charcoal!

    Cheers !

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