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I was sent a Steak Lovers Box from to try out, and review. It was well packaged and fresh on delivery.

Initial looks were impressive, with some nice well marbelled steaks, looking nicely aged in vac sealed packs. The info said New Forest steak dry aged a minimum of 21 days.

The box contained two 14oz T-Bones, two 10oz Rib-eye steaks and two 10 oz Fillet steaks, good value for £65.

The marbelling was great in these, with even the fillets having some lovely creamy fat. The ribeyes and fillets were nice and thickly cut for me, I prefer a thick cut steak. The T-bones were a bit on the thin side, which makes cooking them rare tricky, to get a good sear on the outside and rare inside isn’t easy. But that would be my only issue. I’d rather have one chunky T-bone to share (possibly) than two thinner ones,

The steaks were beautiful. I cooked the fillet to rare, the ribeye to medium and the T-bone was cooked to just past medium (due to it being thin) The flavour of all the steaks were excellent with a great beefiness and lovely buttery fat, they were all very tender and juicy, and were well enjoyed.

Take a look if you are looking out for a steak tasting box.

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