Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker 560 Review – First look

The Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker 560 is a new grill to the market, and I was fortunate to get a pre-release model to test out, and come up with some recipes for.

It’s a really interesting and well thought out grill.

Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker 560
Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker 560

The Masterbuilt 560 uses charcoal, either lumpwood or briquettes, and I’ve even heard rumours that you can use wood as well. You load the charcoal hopper up adding a few chunks of smoking wood, set a natural firestarter going below, allow to catch for a few minutes, before shutting the door and turning on the control unit and fan.

Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker 560

Masterbuilt Gravity Smoker 560

The video below shows my first initial views on the Masterbuilt gravity smoker I will be adding further cooking videos using the grill so make sure to subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss these videos. Let me know in the comments box below what you’d like to see me cook on the masterbuilt smoker, and any questions you may have.

Please note I was sent the grill for free to review freely and paid to create content, recipes etc. by the distributor. 


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  1. Hi Marcus
    Love the new Gravity fed 560 , I”am thinking about purchasing one . Can you tell me why here in the UK it’s £699 . That’s double the price , for what you are selling it in America.
    Just seems a bit excessive .

      • Hi Marcus ,
        Have bit the bullet and have mine arriving today . All I need to do is work out what to cook first .
        Will try and come over on one of you cook days when this is all over , your not far away . I’am near Honiton .
        Stay safe Daryl

  2. Hi Marcus,

    like the review very interesting.

    I am very keen on the 560, I cant find anything else out there that has the same controlabilty ( not sure thats a word) from a charcoal grill. I wondered if you are still impressed, if you think its worth the investment or if there are any other players to consider?


    • Hey Ryan, both are brilliant, different price points, depends if you want something controllable and easy, or something you want to learn more with at a lower price point.

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