Top 5 Inspiring Outdoor Cooking Books

Inspiring books

I’ve given a good list of BBQ books for beginners, but when you feel like you want to try cooking something else other than U.S. style Barbecue, there’s a whole load of inspiration out there from around the globe.

Argentinian Style

Either of these wonderful Outdoor Cooking books from Francis Mallman would be a way to start thinking out of the box and I simply couldn’t choose between them, the stunning recipes and photos in these books, will give you a great start in the Argentinian grilling techniques, such as Asado, whole cows and lambs. Real must haves for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

 New British Style

Food Guru Tim Haywards Book, is the book i’d always dreamed of writing, wonderfully rustic with a great section on Outdoor Cooking, building smokers, BBQing, Butchery and other wonderful inspiration.

 French Style

Simply stunning skewers, this beautiful book  by Stephane Reynaud is a work of art, lots of grilling ideas, rustic skewers, unusual ingredients, offal, game and seafood. If you’re looking to impress with something a bit different, there’s loads of inspiration here too.

Brasilian Style

Flamboyant Brasilian Barbecue, is what this books about, bold tropical flavours, street food, and small plates, some of the sauce recipes here are simply stunning, makes you want to samba as you grill.



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    • Hey Leigh, nice looking grill, a lot of US BBQ is low and slow, look out for grilling recipes from around the world, great for cooking dirty steaks on, and japanese yakitori skewers among many styles.

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