Spitfire BBQ Bristol Review

spitfire bbq ribs
Spitfire BBQ ribs

Ain’t no skinny ribs here

My first visit to Spitfire BBQ on the Harbourside as a Birthday treat with my family, I had high hopes, it is next to the hallowed ground of the Grillstock Bristol event, a relatively newcomer to the BBQ scene, the website gave me high hopes. I was especially impressed to see that they like cooking steaks dirty style straight on the coals.

Welcoming warm Smokehouse

Spitfire BBQ
Spitfire BBQ

The building is set apart, and has a lovely rustic feel without feeling cheap. I especially loved the light bulbs, very cool. The staff were very welcoming and helped the kids get settled in, it was great to see so many families getting stuck into their food. You always know it’s going to be good when you get a real smokehouse hit as you walk in….real smoke and good BBQ meat smells, I could see people outside being drawn in just by the smell. The bowl of jerky we were given on sitting down was a nice touch.

Real Smoke, Real BBQ

Spitfire Ribs
Spitfire Ribs

So…onto the food, I went for a St. Louis Ribs Big with fries for £14.95 the sound of the huge frightened even me, my wife went for the wings, and the kids had BBQ chicken and fries. I also had a lovely New Zealand Pale ale. The ribs when they came out were seriously huge, I was surprised to see they were essentially a slab of bone in belly, which is just the way I like ribs, but some may be surprised by this, ‘Bristol cut’ but I loved it, they were well cooked, just the right balance of gnarly bark, with tender juicy belly meat, most of the fat had rendered out, leaving just enough to keep things moist. Really impressed, they were huge, and I was stuffed, the fried were great, thick cut and crisp, with a nice bowl of red cabbage slaw on the side.

I tried the wings, which were great and as I cooked them, would like to have tried the psycho wings, and will one day. The kids loved their BBQ chicken and fries, once again huge portions, nobody here will leave hungry.

For those who like the technical details, the smoking is with Hickory and apple on Fast Eddy Cookshack FEC 120 and then finished on twin Big Joe Kamados, for a great double hit of flavour.

Defintiely worth a visit, and I look forward to sitting outside in the lovely outside dining area during the summer.

spitfire wings
spitfire wings



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