Quinta Kamado Classic

Quinta Kamado

Quinta Kamado Classic

I’ve been using this classic sized Quinta over the summer and have been really impressed with it, it’s an absolute bargain price wise for someone looking to buy a Kamado, but not quite being able to afford the more expensive brands. For value for money terms the Quinta gives a lot of bang for it’s buck. Which is what I found with the Quinta Small that I had tested previously. The ceramic is solid and of good quality, I’ve pushed it hard and not had any issues with firebowls cracking like some other makes of Kamado. This one comes as a package for £749.00 including the following ..

  • Cart and side tables
  • Protective Cover
  • Divide and Conker system !!
  • Cover
  • Pizza Stone
  • Ash tool
  • Gripper
  • Glove
  • Chicken sitter

The fixtures and fittings are of good quality, with substantial hinges, and stainless bolts etc. so will be durable. The grates are of the Divide and Conquer style which gives great flexibilty during the cooking, so you can use the half moon ceramic plate setter to have an indirect higher up side, and a lower grill to finish off food directly over the coals.

The controls are simple and responsive using the sliding mechanism at the base of the unit. The top cap has 3 settings, which is just enough, I would possibly like to see the cap open fully like the older style daisy wheels to really get the heat ramping up.

Quinta kamado

I’ve been running the Quinta using a Flame Boss 300 which has worked really well and has proven a great combination. All in all I’ve found the Quinta to be easy to use, reliable and of good construction, which at it’s bargain price makes it a great package.

Quinta kamado


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