BBQ Reviews

Quinta Kamado Classic

Great value for money from the Quinta Kamado Classic, reviewed here.

Grillstream Gourmet Grill

I was very fortunate to spend a day at Grillstream HQ in Hertfordshire, and was able to cook on the Grillstream Gourmet Grill.

Quinta Kamado Small

A review of the small size Quinta Kamado, a new brand in the ceramic Kamado market.

Pit Barrel Cooker Review

The Pit Barrel Cooker is now available in the UK, it's a great drum smoker, simple to use, with great results.

Uuni 2 Wood Fired Oven Review

For £189 for

Big Green Egg Mini Maxi Review

I'm grateful to Neil Clifton of Pit Smoked BBQ for sharing his thoughts on the Big Green Egg Mini Maxi.A few have asked for feedback...

Charcoal Vs Gas BBQ

One of the many questions that gets asked in the CountryWoodSmoke Facebook Group by people new to BBQ and smoking is should I get a...

BBQ Reviews

There's many different types of BBQ and Grill available Charcoal, Gas, Electric.Here you will find advice and reviews on some of the equipment available...