Ascua Parilla

The Ascua Parilla from Black Box BBQ is a seriously beautiful and versatile grill. Taking the traditional parilla style grill from Argentina and taking it to a new level with simple but elegant features that make cooking on it a dream.

It’s a heavy thing, made of thick steel, with heavy firebricks to line the base. This sturdy build quality shows the potential for many years of grilling, and shows that the design has been carefully thought through.

You light a fire with some logs in the firebasket or brasero to one side, and as the embers fall out of the base you push them along with the ember hoe included. You then build up a bed of embers under the variable height stainless grilling rack and cook over the embers.

You get a lovely solid even heat, but most importantly a lot of control, so you can set up heat gradients and zones, you can add chunks of wood for flames in certain areas. Raising or lowering the grill gives a lot of control, you can also set up for different configurations with the grill support at the side or the back. Skewers fit perfectly, and i’m hearing rumours of a rotisserie among other things…

The instructions are comprehensive, even including recipe ideas, and the story of how this came about, and is helping support a business through the recent coronavirus situation.

I’ve been cooking loads of things on the grill, and am seriously impressed and loving cooking on this parilla grill.

If you want to see more about this grill then visit the Black Box BBQ website.

NB. I was given this grill to review and am free to give my opinion on it.


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